Structural Repair

Ever noticed a crack down the side of a building or on an internal wall inside the house, but not really given it a second thought? Don’t worry, the vast majority of people on a daily basis do exactly the same!

The structural integrity of all buildings are constantly under attack from unwanted movement which can occur in buildings for a great many reasons, these may include, ground movement or subsidence, inadequately restrained or tied walls, movement brought on by water ingress and timber decay into the structure, failed lintels or building materials, movement fatigue or mechanical impact or disturbance.

Whatever the cause, it’s important that any potential structural issues are identified and corrected at the earliest opportunity, more importantly; an experienced specialist contractor must undertake all work.

So, if you’ve noticed that crack in the wall or the building looks like its leaning to one side, don’t leave it to chance, give us a call.

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